Interview: Ian Standerwick

Ian Standerwick returns to Digital Society for the massive Bank Holiday Sunday event at the O2 Academy in Leeds with his all new LIVE show.

Gem Gallagher met up with him to get the lowdown…




Digital society always strives to add fresh new elements to the event and this year is no exception. For 2018, Standerwick brings his LIVE show to the Academy as part of this weekend’s much anticipated event, which also sees Trance heavyweights like Paul Van Dyk and John O’Callaghan on the line-up.

What can we expect from your LIVE show?

I have a lot of new tracks that I have added to my live set both originals and remixes. It’s important to me that the show is both immersive and dynamic, so I’ve been rehearsing a lot to find ways of bringing this across to you.

It’s all about the energy and captivating the audience so I hope this will be the case next Sunday night!

What equipment/instruments will you be using for this?

All my live setup is provided by Roland.

The brains of the drum setup is the Roland SPDSX, which has 9 assignable drum pads alongside 4 x PDX-100 Roland V-drums.

So I have 13 individual drum pads at my disposal which are programmed to play an array of drum samples, instrument sounds and various samples. The hard part is remembering where I placed each sample across the 13 programmed kits! That is a total of  169 sounds & pad positions to remember!

I do keep things regimented as much as I can e.g. snare drums, kicks, hats etc etc are kept to the same pad positions across each kit but its important to rehearse a lot!

I have recently introduced a Roland System-1 synth to the set up. The kind chaps at Roland also built me an additional stand/mount so the unit can be placed on their custom drum stand. What this means is that I can play the instrument without having to turn around or place it where no one can actually see it.

Dependent on what set I’m going to play, I will also use Apple’s MainStage platform which allows me to migrate layers from my original Logic arrangements the tracks were written & produced on and have them available for live play.

For example, the saw/pluck sound layers that I used in say my ‘Find Yourself’ remix -I can actually bring these synth layers, channel strips and group channels (including all plugins) and load into MainStage. Its so clever!

Lastly, the Pioneer standard CDJ & Mixer set up. I don’t use Ableton or pre-program my live set, most of the tracks I am playing have been re-mastered with certain elements removed which are what I play live.

It was really important to me that I continue to play a DJ set, and although its adding a lot more work by mixing in each track, I do love the fact that I’m still actually DJing.

What made you want to start adding this LIVE element to your shows?

I stem from playing in live bands which is something I really started to miss as I went further into my DJ career.

I started noticing a few guys introducing live elements into their shows and was hugely inspired by them – especially people like the very talented Illenium, who plays a very similar set up and Disclosure who have taken it to a whole new level.

I remember vividly the day I decided that this is what I wanted to do whilst at a show. I was ‘air drumming’ and playing ‘air keyboards’ and suddenly thought “why don’t I just do it?” –  So I did.

STANDERWICK Live is still very much in its infancy as I have some cool concepts for Live which I will be rolling out over the next period. DJing and handshaking this with Live elements written into a custom show programmed with lighting, visuals and effects is my personal way forward.

Live music should be entertaining and captivating in whatever form it takes, I am just honoured to be in the position to bring my ideas and dreams to the stage.

Last few tickets for Digital Society available on Skiddle here!


More information can be found on Digital Society’s Facebook Event Page here.


Interview: Gem Gallagher

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