Guest Mix 001: Plyci

To co-incide with the launch of Out Of The Mountain Records, our first Glitterballs guest mix is here – courtesy of Nottingham based electro wizard Plyci.

Existing on the DIY end of electronica, Plyci has been making electronic music for over a Decade, having released several EP’s on Wales’s premier DIY label Peski Records.

He also enjoys playing live – DJ’ing around venues and festivals in the UK and Europe. Following a stunning showcase set at Festival No.6, along with performances at Swn and Peski Nacht, Plyci has recently performed at Nottingham’s Ambient Electronique.

His work has taken various forms during this time across many electronic genres but currently he sits squarely between ambient, melodic electronica and techno. His live sets are always varied and can take you through an ambient wheat field to a cacophonous slaughter house with walls of noise. His more beat based and Dj sets are LOUD and often long evolving mixtures of House, Disco, Acid and Techno with the odd red herring thrown in for giggles.

He now resides in Nottingham, also making loud and dreamy noise within a lovely Desertgaze Rock outfit The Madeline Rust.


Spearheaded by Plyci and launching this week, Out of The Mountain records promises to be a “A hub of contemporary sounds, vivid images and lucid musings”, which is exactly the sort of platform the creative world needs more of – not just as a soundboard for new music, but also a much needed space for the merger of noise with visuals, art and the written word. After all, music does tell a good story.


Soon to be released on this brand new label, Plyci’s forthcoming album ‘Passive’ is bound to be an intense journey of industrial sounding modular synthesis. Pre- orders are now available in the digital format and also on limited edition cassette.

Album pre-orders here :


Always experimental, Plyci is not tied down when it comes to genres either – often crossing over from ambient to the deeper, layered techy sounds before slicing in elements of disco, funk and psychadelica. There generally are no boundaries to his live mixing styles, bringing an interesting plethora of sounds to the table.

Check out our guest mix here and enjoy a journey through Plyci’s Downtempo Extravaganza.

Photo/Image credit: Plyci

Thank you for listening

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