Southport Weekender Festival 

Saturday 10th June saw the eagerly anticipated return of the legendary Southport Weekender, following a 2 year sabbatical, which for many, felt like a decade.

With a fresh new format, Southport Weekender held their first ever one-day outdoor festival on one of the hottest days we’ve seen this year.

It wasn’t just the weather that was hot, the line-up was bubbling with world-class artists of a high calibre, split across 8 arenas on the beautiful Finsbury Park.

The day exceeded our expectations from the off. As we enjoyed being part of the scenes unfolding in front of us, one of the most prolific memories of this wonderful day was the feeling of being one large, happy family. Thousands of people joined together to dance, sing and party – each and every one of them with welcoming, beaming smiles on their faces.

And wow, these folks, they can party. For hours – well into the next day in fact, as the contingent headed down to Brixton after the festival for the official after party, courtesy of Deep Into Soul.

As the day progressed, the experience just got better and better. One of our festival highlights was Osunlade in the Suncébeat Dome arena.


Read more about how his set made us feel HERE, as @GlitterballGwen had the privilege of reviewing the day for! 

It would have been epic if we could have cloned ourselves for the day, in order to take in all the delights going on! During a well -earned break after clocking up some phenomenal disco milage, we took to the skies.

Sitting on a hay bale in the village-like food vendor area, it was a pleasure to pause and watch the jubilant crowd go by. We could see the top of The Shard pointing up into the clear blue sky from this stunning festival location. Inspired by the sight of this landmark, we ventured on to the high fairground swings, realising we could get an epic view of the City from up above. Taking in the sights from the Houses of Parliament, to the Walkie-Talkie and the London Eye, we enjoyed a special moment in the air as we observed the festival below, feeling the heart-beat like beats emanating upwards from the arenas on the ground.

Suncébeat Dome Arena


Inspired by the multi-faceted aspects of this event, @Wynmasterfunk and Poe were honoured to be able to review proceedings for Festivals For All – read their review HERE!


Roger Sanchez B2B with David Morales

The festival site itself was a dream, plenty of space to wonder, relax and enjoy between partying. The VIP area was perfect, with its own cocktail bar and the notorious inflatable Suncebeat Dome enveloping the stage. Sets played here were on point all day, the perfect place to hear some true connoisseurs laying down some soulful summertime tracks. A stand-out moment has to be David Fioresse delivering Danny Krivit’s re-edit of Joi Cardwell’s ‘What It Feels Like’, creating an elated atmosphere. Later on Graeme Park took over with an amazing set to a packed-full dome, playing some favourite and forgotten classics – from Black Magic’s ‘Freedom (Keep It Funky)’ to ‘Everyday’ by Gene Farris.

Listen to Graeme Park’s set on Mixcloud

Kerri Chandler

Closing the festival at The Powerhouse Arena, in a way only he could, was Kerri Chandler. Having become a Southport Weekender stalwart in his own right, it wouldn’t seem right not to finish on a high with someone who is so passionate about the event. It was emotional. We didn’t want it to end.

The Powerhouse Arena

A special mention also goes out to Julie McKnight, who was our hero of the day. Always a pleasure to see, she delivered a heartfelt message to the crowd and we sang our hearts out!

Julie McKnight with Kerri Chandler


Thank you Southport Weekender, it was a pleasure xx

Reviews: Gwen Angood, Gareth Davies, Paula Davies.

Photo Credits: Matt German at

Just for a bit of fun, have a look at our Flipagram of the day!! 

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