Welcome to the team!!

We’d just like to share some very exciting news with you – we have had a few additions to our team! As a tribe, we travel far and wide to celebrate the love of music together at some wonderful events. As a result, some have joined the writing team, and we now also have a new Live Contributor.

We have the music-immersed @wynnmasterfunk on board with writing, along with our veteran Glitterball Tribe member, Poe.

Disco Keith will be on Live Contributor duties.

This is such an exciting time for us, as we prepare for our busiest summer ever – it’s great to be able to represent even more media outlets and provide a better quality of coverage across social media. Of course, it means we can go to more events, more festivals and even branch out into interviewing which is something we’ve always wanted to to.

Glitterballs really wants to explore the rare and the wonderful aspects of music scenes across the globe and share some wonderful experiences with you – hopefully providing an inspiration to join in!

Our first event as a larger team will be at Southport Weekender Festival, Finsbury Park on Saturday 10th June 2017.  We will be representing two media outlets and going live. We hope to see you there!

Thank you all for your wonderful support in getting this project up and running, and sharing our work.

Much Love,

G xx



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